Sunday, November 30, 2008

Couple more insurance notes

Looking up travel insurance quotes for 8 weeks worth in Denmark:.

How to Get Good Affordable Health Insurance for Everyone

There is no doubt that health care is the biggest policy issue, especially for working Americans. Gerald McEntee of AFSCME told congress that it is the number one issue for his union.

Joint first to die life insurance

If you’re a husband or wife looking for coverage on both partners sometimes the subject of joint first to die life insurance (JFTD) comes up as a cheaper alternative to purchasing an individual life insurance policy on both.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The fascinating dynamics of insurance reform in the United States

The American Enterprise Institute will be holding a conference December 20 to explore whether an optional federal charter is necessary and sufficient to ease the entry of international insurance companies into the American market and in ...

Gambia: Islamic Insurance Company Introduced

A group of Imams and Islamic scholars in the Greater Banjul Area, last Friday, showered prayers on Takaful Insurance Company, a newly established Islamic Insurance Company located at the Old Immigration Building, along Dobson Street, ...

Insurance as an investment for a bright future

In today’s current market, many individuals are choosing to use insurance as an investment in their future. Using insurance in this manner is a risky business and returns on the investment are not always guaranteed.

News - UK troops to get life insurance

About 300000 armed forces personnel are to be offered life assurance under a Ministry of Defence (MOD) scheme.